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    1. FlashNewsAnalysis

      • Friday November 05,2021
      • 16:21:19
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        Coal exports of Brisbane port in Queensland, Australia posted a decline of 1.7% YoY and 3.75% MoM respectively in Sep, to 356,200 tonnes, sending the total exports during Jan-Sep to 2.94 Mt, showed data from Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd.

      • 16:19:07
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        India's coal imports from 12 state-run ports stood at 11.66 Mt in Oct, falling 1.86% YoY but rising 10.18% MoM, showed data from Indian Ports Association.

      • 16:08:10
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        On Nov 5, Chinese coke futures opened the daytime session at 3,041.0 yuan/t and closed at 3,046 yuan/t, down 1.93% from a day ago; coking coal opened at 2,389.5 yuan/t and closed at 2,390.0 yuan/t, down 0.83%. Thermal coal increased 0.53% to 945.2 yuan/t at close, after opening at 935.0 yuan/t.

      • 14:41:13
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        Jinneng Holding Shanxi Coal Industry Co., Ltd capped its prices for thermal coal contracts, either newly signed or previous ones, at 1,000 yuan/t, 909 yuan/t and 818 yuan/t for 5,500 Kcal/kg, 5,000 Kcal/kg and 4,500 Kcal/kg NAR coal, free-on-rail basis with VAT, from Nov 1, in accordance with parent Jinneng Holding Group's notice issued on the same day as required by the NDRC.

      • 14:00:15
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        Thermal coal stocks in NE China's Jilin prov reached 6.11 Mt (3.34 Mt in power plants, 1.65 Mt in 8 provincial-level coal storage bases, 1.12 Mt in city-level bases) on Nov 3, which were able to cover 37 days of usage in winter, local government said in a conference release on Nov 4.

      • 11:37:08
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        As of 11:30 a.m. (GMT+8) Nov 5, Chinese coking coal futures fell 1.24%, coke down 2.54%, thermal coal rose 0.72%, and iron ore down 2.59%.

      • 09:56:17
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        On Nov 1, surveyed mines held 3.54 Mt of coking coal stocks, up 0.20 Mt WoW, and 1.02 Mt MoM. Coking coal stocks at surveyed coking plants stood at 9.02 Mt, up 0.07 Mt WoW and 0.01 Mt MoM, Sxcoal data showed.

      • 09:50:18
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        On Nov 3, Qinhuangdao coal stocks exceeded 5.1 Mt, higher than the year-ago level and reaching a new high in the year, owing to continuous increase in coal production and recovering rail coal delivery after Daqin railway completed maintenance in late Oct. The increase of Qinhuangdao coal stocks provides stronger support for ensuring downstream demand, and also reflects a significant improvement in coal supply and demand, the NDRC said.

      • 09:17:09
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        Indian SCCL, the second largest coal miner in the country, produced 35.24 Mt of coal in Apr-Oct, jumping 60% YoY. But SCCL also noted coal production during the given period failed to meet the target of 37.28 Mt. The company supplied 66% of its coal production to power generators with its 20 opencast mines and 25 underground mines.

      • 09:08:54
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        Indonesia exported 36.26 Mt of coal in Sep, the latest data released by Indonesia's national statistics bureau. Its shipment to China was largest at 15.75 Mt, jumping 320% YoY but falling 19.32% MoM, and Indian intakes declined 44.85% YoY but rose 23.02% MoM to 5.59 Mt.

      • Thursday November 04,2021
      • 15:02:24
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        The most-traded coking coal futures on the Dalian Commodity Exchange closed 2.65% higher at noon on Nov 4, the most-traded coke futures on DCE rose 0.26% and the most-actively-traded thermal coal futures on Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange fell 0.43%, while iron ore futures on DCE rose 0.09%.

      • 11:53:55
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        China's supply-boosting and price-capping measures are necessary steps to ease current coal supply shortage, meet demand during winter heating period and rein in power price rise in some provinces/cities, but coal market are unlikely to see explosive growth in the long term against the background of carbon peaking and neutrality target, said Hu Hao, an analyst of University of Chinese Academy of Science.

      • 11:50:23
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        China's coal-producing bases Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and Shaanxi carried out special actions on coal storage places in response to NDRC's request to rectify management of coal storage places and rule out illegal ones through on-spot checks and public tip-offs, in a bid to crack down on hoarding and price gouging to maintain orderly operation of coal market, said the NDRC.

      • 11:45:12
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        As of Nov 2, coal stockpiles at China's power plants exceeded 110 Mt, rising over 31 Mt from the end-Sep. Coal supply to China's power plants has been rising since Oct 19, with daily supply surpassing consumption by as much as 2.3 Mt. Quick increase of utilities' coal stocks will help meet rising demand for heating and power generation and ensure a warm winter for the people.

      • 11:09:53
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        China's top coal province Shanxi said it will not launch regional production suspension in "one-size-fits-all" approach after coal mine accidents happen and ban unreasonable administrative output cuts or halts during holiday breaks, as part of efforts to ensure coal supply, said Fan Jianqiang, director with Coal Safety Department of Shanxi Emergency Management Office.

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